Hotelsmalta.com was launched back in 1999 and in 2014 it was decided that market trends were and are still changing to move on and make hotelsmalta.com as a search portal offering the booking customer a full list of hotels, car hire, restaurants, places to visit and excursions available in Malta.

We offer the facility where customers are directed to the hotel's official website and having the ability to book directly with the hotel for peace of mind.

We do not ask for credit card details as we do not trade on behalf of the hotels as we only serve as a platform to direct you to the hotels' official websites.

Hotelsmalta.com offers both B2C and B2B services for travel partners requesting any special events where we direct your enquiry to one of the local DMC’s who we feel will be best suited to handle your enquiry.

Hotelsmalta.com is managed by a team of 3 which between us bring over 60 years of experience in the Hospitality & IT Industry.

John – Richard – Franco